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That I'm going to destroy her. This book had a much more serious, emotional, and angsty undercurrent. But there's also a small dose of steam to break it up Soon followed by more angst. What can I possibly tell you about this book other than it's a must read? What else do you need? Read it and see for yourself.

I know I for one cannot wait to see what this incredibly talented author has in store for the next book in the series. Dare I hope for Michael's book next? View all 48 comments. Apr 24, Patrycja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lauren Layne Release Date: September 2, Rating: I flew through this story quickly: I simply adored how easily this story seemed to flow, chapter after chapter, I was filled with all this fuzzy, warm feelings that just would not let me go. My face hurt from smiling so much. Ethan by betraying him, Michael by walking away.

Surprisingly, the man she is supposed to care for is not old, immobile man. Her employer is only two years older than her and definitely able to move around. It was that or no money. Now both of them have to learn how to cope with each other and survive three months together. She did redeem herself in my eyes very quickly; which let me relax and start to enjoy myself. So, yes I think Lauren Layne has done great job with this story and I highly recommend it to all new adult fans.

View all 43 comments. Wow this was really good! The truth is these kind of books are my favorite! A guy with scars in his face is exactly what I'm looking for. From the beginning I couldn't put it down! The sexual tension between Paul and Olivia was off the charts! I loved the writing and the story was interesting! This is my first book from Lauren Lane and now I'm sure I will read her other books too! This is Olivia's and Paul's story. Olivia has made a mistake and now she needs an escape. She wants to g Wow this was really good! She wants to get away from her previous life, so she makes the decision to take a job as a caretaker.

She thinks that the man she will meet is an old man instead she finds a beautiful man but still arrogant. How will she deal with him? Can she manage to make things work for her? Returning home from Afghanistan he's a completely changed man. Paul no longer wants to be around anyone. His father has sent many caretakers to try and help him but he didn't make it with anyone But now it is so different when he meets his new caretaker who is around his age with blonde hair and long legs Can he resist her?

Is she going to put away the walls he has created around himself? She makes me forget everything. I loved them both!! Oh poor Paul was broken inside and out.. I loved him so much! I love when books have both POVS because we can see what they both think! Olivia was tough and funny! Exactly what Paul needs! A really beautiful book for everyone! View all 49 comments. Olivia is completely down on herself since things fell apart with Ethan.

She decides to drop out of NYU and do penance for her sins by taking care of a war veteran in Middle-of-Nowhere Maine. Paul is one angry and broken man who used to be the quarterback of his football team and babe magnetic. The tragedies he faced while serving our country have crippled him and have left both visible and invisible scars. I want him to know that he is desirable, even with scars. Sadly, Paul shows his anger towards Olivia and can be pretty cruel. Olivia was such a likable character and the story had steam, while and the writing was enjoyable with a nice ending.

However, I needed more. It was everything I needed, everything I was looking for in a book- it made me feel soooo romantic. This happens to be my second 5 star book this year Ya, no surprise there! Story was simple yet so full of life, there was so much depth to it and characters were so real and relatable, not all gooey or charming; the kind that makes you want to cuddle with them but the ones who are broken, sarcastic and most probably at their worst.

View all 32 comments. Olivia cheated on her long time boyfriend Ethan, with their best friend Michael. As a result she drops out of school and signs on to be a caretaker for Paul, the beast. Paul was injured at war and for the last two years has lived a life of seclusion. He Brooding --Stars!! He has a bum leg, scarring on his face and an overall piss poor attitude about life in general.

Boy does Olivia have her work cut out for her. Despite Paul's extremely brooding, and at times downright hateful, attitude I couldn't help but like him. Paul was dealt a pretty shitty hand He hasn't wanted to get help. I really enjoyed the back and forth banter between Olivia and Paul. She didn't put up with his shit when there were many times I would have given up.

But she never gives up on Paul. And that's the one thing tha t Paul needed most. Someone to want to know what happened to him. Someone to believe in him. Olivia finally starts to break down some of Paul's carefully constructed walls. He opens up about what happended to him. He starts to go out, even if it is just into town. He smiles more, he laughs. And it's all thanks to Olivia. I love his darkness and his shadows. I love his smile and the kindness he tries so hard to hide.

I love the boyish quarterback beneath the war veteran, and I love the scarred right side of his face even more than the perfection of his left. Enough for Paul to live a "normal" life? A life where he and Olivia go on dates? Where he visits NY with her? Where Paul can walk amongst a crowd of strangers and not fear what people's reactions will be? I can't say the storyline was completely original but I liked that there wasn't a bunch of outside drama. This one wasn't super steamy but had some hot moments.

A few LOL moments and a few teary moments. View all 57 comments. Why I didn't read it soon is a mystery but boy was I pleasantly surprised by how good this book was. It was a book that made me feel good all over. This is a wonderful beauty and the beast story.

Paul is a war veteran from Afghanistan who returned home with both external and internal scars. He has been hiding from the world, only living to help the families of the men he served with who didn't come home. His scars, his guilt, his fears keep him from reentering society- he's broken. He's fine with living at his family's summer estate away from the world. Paul is mean, nasty, bitter, borderline drunk and doesn't want or need a caregiver.

He's gotten rid of all the others with his meanness. But his father has set up parameters this time, if Paul's caregiver doesn't stay for 3 months, he will be cut off from all his money. If he wants to still help his brother's families, he has to put up with this next caregiver for 3 months. He can do it, for them Olivia is the beauty who has been asked to work as Paul's caregiver to help him return to the land of the living.

Olivia has her own guilt's and demons that she is running from. She's hoping that helping Paul will help to heal her - she's broken as well. But Olivia is bold, irreverent and brave , and she can hold her own. She was expecting an old man to take care of, not a 24 yr old man whom she is wildly attracted to.

Paul finds that his disposition is slowly changing. Olivia is doing something to him. Olivia makes him want "normalcy" but he knows he can't have it and it only intensifies his torment. He has days where the mean and cruel Paul wants to resurface; his demons are deep and are always close at hand.

Paul and Olivia go toe to toe. She overlooks his aggression, knowing that it comes from deep inside. The tormented man is hard to resist. She wants to help Paul so that she can fix her brokenness. They settle into a routine. They run in the morning or Olivia runs and Paul walks. Besides his scars on his face his leg is wounded as well. They work out, they read in the library, they eat together, they spend time together They eventually break to one another. Paul's story is sad and tragic and heartbreaking but he finally opens up. He is starting to live and he wants and needs Olivia. Olivia also opens up about her brokenness.

She tells Paul and in doing so, they fall in deep. Their connection is intense and powerful and loving. But is their love enough to really pull Paul into the real world? Can Olivia be happy living at the estate never leaving his safety net? This story was told in dual POV's. It was very well written. It tugs on so many emotions- sadness, loneliness, grief, guilt, happiness, sorrow, love, and hope. It's hard not to love a tormented man who wants redemption but doesn't feel he deserves it.

Olivia is strong and determined and believes that Paul can be unbroken. These two together eventually see beyond their brokenness and truly redeem one another. It's a beautiful love story that I would recommend to all. Jul 16, Beverly rated it it was amazing Shelves: For years she was what everyone expected her to be the perfect student, daughter, and girlfriend to Ethan. Then one day she made a mistake. He has been back from Afghanistan for 3 year and ran off numerous caregivers and nurses, but his father has given him an ultimatum: Olivia and Paul are both running and hiding from their past, both in need of repair.

What will become of this pair can they help each other overcome the past or will they both just end up more damaged? I have read a couple of books by Lauren Layne and this one is definitely my favorite. I loved seeing the journey and transformation in both characters. Paul and Olivia fought and bickered and it felt real to me. I highly recommend this book.

It is short, had some hot sexy times, angst, and some super sweet moments too. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. I am always pretty positive when I pick up one of her books, it is going to be a really good story that keeps me entertained. She normally writes romantic comedies, but "Broken" was definitely a bit darker than her usual stories.

Olivia Middleton, is looking to change her life. She is Ethan Price's ex-girlfriend. They broke up when Ethan walked in on her and his best friend, Michael, kissing in his bedroom. Heart broken over their break-up, and feeling an excessive amount of self loathing, Olivia drops out of NYU her senior year, to become a care giver to a war veteran in Bar Harbor, Maine. Paul Langdon, is an ex marine, who was disfigured while stationed in Afghanistan. He has slashes on the right side of his face and one of his legs was badly injured. He's been hiding out in his family's mansion in Bar Harbor, Maine for the past two years.

Paul has become very bitter with his circumstances and he's not the easiest person to get along with. He has forced numerous care givers in the past to quit within a day due to his surly demeanor. Paul's father issues an ultimatum. The new caregiver stays on for a minimum of three months, if she leaves before then, Paul will be kicked out and cut off financially. He agrees to behave but there is a truly selfless reason why he gives in to his father's demands.

When these two meet, they are both pretty taken aback. Neither expected the other to be so young and attractive. Olivia and Paul are instantly attracted to each other, but Paul puts up his walls and does everything in his power to be as rude as possible to her. Olivia, for the most part, doesn't let his behavior affect her. She challenges him, like no one else has in the past two years. It was a slow build to the sexy time between these two. I really liked Olivia. She was sweet and feisty. I really didn't understand why she thought she was a horrible person.

Kissing another man while having a boyfriend doesn't make you the devil. But I guess, maybe to a 22 year old it seems more tragic than it really is. She was falling hard for Paul but not convinced that she was good enough for him. It's not the easy love I had for Ethan, or the warm, uncomplicated love I felt for Michael as a friend. I love Paul, the person. Paul was gorgeous and broken, which are one of the combinations I love in a book boyfriend. There were times I wanted to kick his butt, however, he was still utterly swoon worthy!!!

There's a good amount of angst and my heart broke for these two. I hoped that they would find a way to overcome their insecurities and pain, and give in to the love they felt for each other. This is a book not to be missed. View all 40 comments. I just adore this author! Lauren Layne has become my go to author when I need a fun, sweet, steamy with a bit of angst read. This one had a little more angst than the other books I have read by LL but she gives you just the right amount of everything.

The story will tug at your heart yet keep it in tack. Olivia is damaged by a choice she made. But she wants her redemption. She wants to feel better about herself. Paul is damage from th 5 Stars! Paul is damage from the repercussions of war. He is angry and indignant. But it is not just about being damaged and needing to be fixed.

Paul was such a jackass. Or you could say he was an asshole. Here it comes…BUT it is important to understand his pain. He was suffocating under his physical scares as well as emotional scares. Paul has lost pieces of his identity and has given in to his anger, deciding living a life of isolation is the answer to everything.

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I wanted to hate him, I really did but I found myself quickly falling for him. He was a man who deserved to be happy and whole again. That he is not a thing to be laughed at. I wanted him to know that he is desirable, even with scars. I know she made a mistake but her resolve to be better, to do something good made her shine. Olivia hid her sadness. No matter where I look, my walls are crumbling, and this damned girl keeps presenting me the most dangerous element of all. She has been given all the material things that come from a wealthy family.

But something is still missing. She needs to cleanse herself for what she did. She needs to be her own person and stand on her own two feet. In her quest for all of this Olivia has signed on to be a caretaker of a Veteran. But I am not sure who was more unprepared. Paul had his routine to get rid of each caretaker his father sent his way but the minute he laid eyes on Olivia he knew he was in trouble. One way or not he would drive her away. But Paul was in for a rude awakening. Watching Paul and Olivia go to battle each time they were together broke my heart.

Olivia was trying so hard to gain just an inch of kindness from him but all she got was bitterness. But beneath the bitterness she saw something in him that she desperately wanted to unlock. Paul was trying to let go of his pain. He wanted to grab hold of something good. For Paul it was just easier to be hateful and alone. It was getting harder and harder for Paul to resist his desire for Olivia. As things between Paul and Olivia start to change you could feel it coming.

And with one last hateful attempt to push her away something changes in Paul. He abandons some of his anger and gives in. Things get pretty sexy and pretty hot quickly. You feel the intensity of their connection. Olivia desperate to get all of Paul and Paul wanting to believe he can find happiness.

But this is just he beginning. Will they both be strong enough to make it out the other side? Once again Lauren Layne did not disappointment. This time around she gave me the sweetness and the sexiness I come to love in her books but she also gave me more angst than she normally has in her books and I loved it. View all 52 comments. Aug 08, Manju rated it did not like it Shelves: Paul is a war veteran and Olivia was on way to earn a management degree from a prestigious college but fate had different plans for them and throw them together for three months.

Paul's face has seriously damaged and now want to stay away from crowd. After multiple tries on his father's part to bring him back to normal fails and Paul was given a deadline of three months to keep the next babysitter else he would be cut off from his wealth. Paul has a secret and he couldn't manage to scare away Oli Paul is a war veteran and Olivia was on way to earn a management degree from a prestigious college but fate had different plans for them and throw them together for three months.

Paul has a secret and he couldn't manage to scare away Olivia. While they both had broken past but together they try to mend each other.. This story took me back to Making Faces , which has similar story but a much much better execution. Olivia was on rebound after the man she was in love with since forever broke up with her and falls hard for Paul in first meeting..

Paul couldn't stop thinking about this beautiful girl and yet he treated like shit. This insta-lust and then the degrading behavior made me roll my eyes. I also didn't like how Olivia never cleared things with her ex before jumping on in with Paul.

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Everyone thinks that Olivia Middleton is the default nice girl. The girl that do can never do wrong to anyone. Olivia did a terrible mistake that hurt three people very much, including herself. Now Olivia is determined to do penance and what better way than doing a good deed and helping an elderly war veteran reenter society? Only when she gets to Bar Harbor, Maine she doesn't find an elderly, she finds Paul, a 24 year old, scarred inside and out but definitely hot guy. Paul Langdon has been dead inside for a long time. He doesn't particularly care about his life. He just spends his life drinking and wasting away.

He never really recovered from his time in Afghanistan. His once beautiful face is now scarred beyond repair, his once quarterback leg is now a shot mess and his once alive soul is now dying. He is a recluse, a loner, a mean guy cut off from the world by his own choice. Now his father has given him an ultimatum.

He will either put up with Olivia for 3 months or he will lose all his inheritance. The moment they meet sparks fly and maybe, just maybe Olivia is the right person to lead Paul back from his self-imposed exile from society. This is a beauty and the beast kind of story and I admit I am a sucker for those. What I didn't notice before starting the book was that the heroine was none other than Olivia, Ethan's ex from Isn't She Lovely. I love tortured heroes and Paul falls right into that category.

His physical scars are nothing compared to the weight of guilt and pain he carries in his soul. Despite the fact that he has become bitter and angry at the whole world, Paul is a nice person. He cares about other people even though he doesn't want them around him. Maybe all he needs is someone to show him that life is still worth living and that a few scars do not cripple him for life.

of the Best Books to Read in a Lifetime: Reading Challenge

Olivia carries a lot of guilt for what she did to Ethan and Michael. She thinks that by helping Paul she may discover how to help herself. To be honest I kind of sympathised with Olivia. The girl felt suffocated in the worlds expectations and she saw an out on Michael and took it. Not to say that what she did wasn't wrong but I'm willing to give her credit for owning up to her mistakes. I loved how the story progressed and how we could see Olivia and Paul coming closer together and opening up to each other.

I also liked how much more mature they both came out in the end. I hope the next book is a HEA for Michael and that the 3 friends make up!: View all 10 comments. Olivia was an OK heroine, but nothing that stood out. I still love Lauren Layne though! This is a standalone, told in dual POV. View all 13 comments. Will they be able to help each other? I liked the way Olivia stood up for herself. I just wanted to kick him. Maybe view spoiler [if he got laid earlier and end his 2 year celibacy he wouldnt have been so moody. There was good bickering, maybe a bit 3 stars Olivia leaves her secrets behind and starts work as a caretaker for injured veteran, Paul.

There was good bickering, maybe a bit too much back and forth. The insta lust was a little random at the beginning but when I got past that it was okay-likeable-ish. View all 46 comments. Jul 15, Brandi rated it liked it. So she leaves her glamorous Upper East Side life behind and accepts a caretaker position for an injured veteran. Hoping to find redemption. Paul Langdon is a 24 year old, broken man, with internal and external battle scars. He is surly and defiant, refusing to move forward.

He just wants to continue he being a broody recluse. From the moment Olivia and Paul meet, they realize this arrangement is mo 3. From the moment Olivia and Paul meet, they realize this arrangement is more than they expected. They are both young and attractive - a bit of insta-lust, but they try to fight it.

Welcome to the push and pull. Between forceful kisses and hateful comments, these two go from one extreme to the other. But Olivia is tough, she challenges Paul in a way no one ever has. He may push her, but she pushes right back and refuses to let his wallow in self pity. Feelings develop and they find themselves trusting one other. Will Olivia bring Paul out of the darkness? Or will he pull her in? Broken was steamy, angsty romance with a good amount of humor. While at times both characters seemed dramatic and immature, this was an enjoyable, well-paced read.

View all 34 comments. Everything has changed, the way he moves, the way he looks and the way he feels. His father sends him carer after carer to help rehabilitate his body, and more importantly, his mind But to accept help, to move on, Paul has 3. But to accept help, to move on, Paul has to want it.

He needs a reason to motivate himself out of the dark. Is there anything or anyone who can make a difference? Give him hope of a future worth living? Enter sassy and beautiful, Olivia Middleton. Will Olivia be able to keep his nightmares at bay? Our leading characters experience an immediate and fierce attraction to each other. My wishes for more stars I wish there hadn't been so many jumps in the time line.

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There were sections where it moved on by weeks and I felt like I was left with gaps in my knowledge and emotions. I wanted to completely experience the build of their relationship, not every single minute but, for me, the missing time was slightly too much. I wish some of the happenings towards the end had been a little different.

It didn't always feel completely true to the characters and story, but equally Mrs pedantic here kind of liked the drama It felt just about plausible, if slightly dramatic in terms of motivation. Olivia's enthusiasm for Paul is infectious and their growth as characters immense. Olivia and Paul have sweet moments of sexy, hotness and romance The story has a delightful, pureness to it which I really enjoyed and made my book heart happy.

It's a wonderful example of how everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn't always feel that way. Fate and life brings people together and it's beautiful. Broken is a lovely example of a New Adult story, so if this is where your true book heart lies, Lauren Layne is an author you need in your life. It has all the ingredients necessary to feed our sweet romantic needs. If you fancy a NA feast, one-click your copy of Broken, smile and enjoy. Broken is told from the dual perspective of our hero and heroine and is a standalone story.

View all 50 comments. Jul 20, Ilze rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story is about Olivia and Paul, who both are broken in different ways. After a bad decision Olivia leaves her life at Park Avenue for a small town in Maine, where she is supposed to be a caregiver for an injured war veteran. What Olivia is not expecting is that 'injured war veteran' is stunning year-old man and he is not welcoming Olivia in his home kindly.

Paul believes that he is messed up not only on the outside, but also on the inside. However, Olivia quickly slips past his defenses by surprising him with her bold attitude and even though she reminds him of something he can't have, he can't ignore her either. It was such a fulfilling story -made me cry and laugh. Olivia's and Paul's interactions were super fun and I liked that they didn't lose the meaning of the story which ultimately were forgiveness, redemption and healing. Because then I might rethink her yoga offer. However, I totally loved the execution of this story. It was very refreshing and it reminded me why I used to love these kind of stories.

I didn't have to read about unnecessary drama or the usual cliches new adult novels have, but I had a beautiful love story with two very lovable MCs who seek redemption and realizes that the only person who can heal them are themselves! She's done something much bigger. She's taught me how to live. I promise you won't have to deal with immature heroine and meaningless drama, but you will have fantastic dual POV and wonderful love story!

View all 31 comments. This read was a swift modern day take of Beauty and the Beast and it was executed beautifully! This is the tale of a young rich girl where everything is given and an injured soldier where nothing is wanted. Olivia Middleton is blonde perfection. She comes from an affluent family and is on the path to greatness, but one mistake wrecks her with guilt and has her running to Bar Harbor Maine undertaking the task of caring for an injured Veteran.

Paul Langdon is not some old cripple No he is 24 year old specimen of beauty and strength, with the exception of those scars that have left him a recluse. As ever, this was a very well written and heartwarming story that will leave you wanting for more. It was romantic, sweet and with some sexy moments. It was too slow in the beginning, but once it picked up it was a great book. If you like NA, you should really try this series. And this book had an epilogue! As the story progressed I ended up really liking them both. They wised-up, especially Chloe.

Kristen, her sister, was a bitch. Devon was a clueless idiot. I loved how all of characters from the three books got together in the end, definitely best part of the book. View all 20 comments. Sep 08, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: Clair was the third wheel from book one that fell hard for Olivia Middleton and broke up his friendship with Ethan Price. In book two, he went the step further when Paul lead him to believe that Olivia texted him, he flew all the way to Maine just to get shot down and crushed yet again.

His world gets further rocked when his paternity is revealed and so he is in Texas stalking is biological father while working at a posh country club. Michael has his mark all set on Kristin Bellamy, the pretty and perfect Olivia lookalike who is dating his half-brother, Devon. Because she makes me feel like somebody.

View all 53 comments. Jan 29, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. Lauren Layne is fast becoming an auto-buy author for me. This is the second book from her that I've loved. Claire learned of the devastating truth about his parentage, he runs to Dallas to find his father. For those who have read the previous books in the series, you all know about Michael's feelings for Olivia and the eventual fallout he had, not only with Olivia but with Ethan as well.

Not only that, he just found out a monumental family secret that had him question 4. Not only that, he just found out a monumental family secret that had him questioning his identity. It upended his life. Everything he knew about himself were nothing but lies. In other words, Michael's life was a mess. Chloe Bellamy is the opposite of everything Michael wants in a woman. She's mouthy, extroverted and unrefined unlike her sister, Kristin, who was more of Micheal's type. Chloe has been in love with her sister's boyfriend for years even though he never really noticed her.

When Micheal found out about Chloe's feelings for his half-brother, he offered to help. His motives were not pure though. Aside from wanting Kristin, he also wants to get to know his biological father. But the more time Chloe and Michael spend together, the more they realize how much alike they are, how much they need each other and how much they are attracted to each other. Their progression from enemies to friends and then to lovers was simply delightful to read. Their banter, their camaraderie that later on became little flirtations had me turning the pages, and I didn't stop until I reached the end.

This is the kind of book you can read in one sitting. Once I started I couldn't put it in. I was thoroughly engaged. I loved the chemistry between Chloe and Michael. And despite Michael's issues and hang-ups, I truly saw him fell for Chloe. I understood why he didn't aggressively pursued her. He's been there and done that and got burned. All he knew was Chloe was hell bent on getting Devon, and he didn't want a repeat of his relationship with Ethan and Olivia.

Little did he know that Chloe was also falling fast for him. She's feisty, funny and real. You can relate with her insecurities because she wasn't burdened by it. It's there and she has it but she knows how to deal with it. The only reason this one didn't get a five was the ending disappointed me a bit.

It's believable but instead of view spoiler [Ethan, Olivia, Stephanie and Paul actually coming up with a plan to win Chloe back, I wanted it to be just Micheal. I know he's confused but come on, he could have looked for her himself and tried to win her back but he didn't. It doesn't diminish the HEA for me but I wish he took the initiative first and then bring in his friends as the last resort. But it's a small thing and the epilogue was still sweet.

So definitely, I'll recommend this one. The great writing, wonderful characters and an engaging storyline made this a winner for me. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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View all 41 comments. Claire and his sexilicious six pack are metaphorically damaged by his heartbreaking past so he goes to Texas for the summer in search of redemption. Curvaceous Chloe is smart and funny and bubbly and beautiful. I LOVE her quirkiness and individuality. How will it all work out? I love the lighthearted comedy value and self deprecating humour in the writing. In contrast to this, some of the situations that they naturally become entwined in are downright heart melting. I swooned and smiled and laughed. The family issues concerning Michael are emotional and touched my heart in the way it evolved.

I understand this moves time forward and allows for story development but on a couple of occasions I wanted to read about some of that missing time. Crushed is rich in history, layered with emotion and teamed with angst levels that are set to perfection for the mood of this piece. I felt anticipation and so looked forward to the climax and result of this story as I was reading the final chapters. The hero, Michael St. Complimentary copy received from the publishers, via NetGalley, for my honest review thoughts View all 40 comments.

Especially because it had almost ZERO sex. Not to mention it took the hero and heroine the whole book to get together. Enter Michael who wants Stick, but not for the reasons you might think. Michael is going to help Curvy get her man which will only benefit Michael. Anyone want to guess what happens? Curvy, aka Chloe, was a fantastic heroine! She was so sarcastic and self-deprecating. And just plain awesome!

I wanted to hug her and at the same time I wanted to be her best friend. With a plot like this a lot of things could have gone wrong, but gah for the most part they were great. I was sucked right in from the get-go, curious to see how everything would all play out. Yeah…Stick, aka Kristen is a total bitch! It made me laugh, a lot. And it gave me the feels, which is hard to do.

I didn't love the end. I didn't like view spoiler [the big reunion with all of the other series characters. It was just silly to me. So despite the lack of sex and the not so stellar ending, I would still totally recommend this one! ARC kindly provided by NG in exchange for an honest review View all 86 comments.

Mar 02, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: Crushed is Michael St. Michael is broody and a little lost, while Chloe is the witty, chubby girl who has lived most of her life in her gorgeous sister, Kristen's shadow. He is interested in Kristen and Chloe is crushing on her sisters boyfriend, Devon. Friendship grows into something a little more complicated, and Michael and Chloe struggle with how to deal with their feelings. These two were tons of fun, witty banter and great sexual tension filled the pages.

I really enjoyed this cute read. View all 37 comments. There's just something about her writing and her characters that never fails to reel me in and keep me glued to the pages. It also never fails to give me that warm and fuzzy feelings right in my tummy that I've come to adore about New Adult. There's no insta anything and her characters are far from perfect and watching that 4.

There's no insta anything and her characters are far from perfect and watching that progress and develop through the story is the best feeling in the world. But then right around Broken that changed. My heart hurt for him and I couldn't wait for the guy that fell in love with his best friend's girlfriend only to be devastatingly rejected by her in the end to get his HEA. Michael's world changed forever right around the time his heart was shattered into a million pieces. First he gets rejected by the girl he's been in love with for years. A girl that just so happened to be his best friend's girlfriend at that he cheated with.

So in the span of one kiss, he lost the girl AND his best friend. Then his world gets rocked when he finds out that his whole life has been a lie and his father isn't his father. In the hopes to get to know the man that is his true father, he moves to Texas, but he's no longer the boy that he was. He's broody, he's disenchanted and jaded. He no longer believes in love, but working as a tennis pro for the rich and the bored, he has no problem being the boy toy to the spoiled housewives. But he has ulterior motives to working there. He has his eye on a girl that happens to be his half-brother's girlfriend.

A half-brother that has no idea he exists. And while Michael has his eye on Kristin, the gorgeous and spoiled rich girl, her frumpy sister is in love with Devon. On a good day I'm curvy. On a bad one, I'm plump. Most of the days are bad ones. Chloe is honestly what truly made this book for me. Her ability to laugh at herself and this lighthearted presence she had to her was a breath of fresh air. She's so fun and quirky and just this girl next door that could be anyone's best friend. Being the frumpy sister to the perfect skinny one is no easy feat.

It's also twice as hard being in love with her boyfriend for as long as she remembers. But Chloe knows she has no chance. So when Michael offers her a chance to make Devon "notice" her, she may be hesitant at first, but she takes it. What ensues is an unwilling friendship that slowly begins to turn into much more. Michael might be sick of being "second choice. SHE'S tired of being the platonic sidekick. These two were polar opposites but yet made perfect sense together. And the banter between them? So, what's the problem? You're one of those girls waiting for the movie kiss?

With Chloe, it's easy to forget that I'm nobody. I loved the slow burn element to the story. It's truly brilliant when the reader discovers things right along with the characters. Chloe and Michael didn't lust for each other at first sight, and that was evident. But somewhere along the way their feelings shift, and you get to experience that with them. It's not often that this self proclaimed smut slut enjoyed a story that basically has zero sex this much.

But to be honest, anything more would have been plain filler. The one and only scene is filled with so much feeling that it's satisfying all on it's own. Did I also happen to mention the fantastic banter? I swear to God, Beefcake, every now and then you slip in a word that makes me think you're a nineteenth-century butler. What if I slip a British accent in there?

My only quibble was the somewhat cheesy-ish reunion at the very end, but then at the same time I was hoping for one, so I can't complain much. If you're a fan of New Adult that has a witty heroine, a broody hero, a slow burn romance and incredible writing, this book is simply a must read! ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 33 comments.

Mar 29, Beverly rated it it was amazing. This series and characters keep getting better and better. When I finished this one I was really debating on which couple is my favorite and so far I am at a loss. However, I can say without a doubt Chloe is my favorite heroine. Chloe Bellamy is different. If you have been following the series Chloe is a new character and we meet her when Michael moves to Texas to get more information regarding his dad. Michael has given up hi This series and characters keep getting better and better. In need of a job he begins working at the local Country Club.

As I read all this my heart was breaking for my crazy, say it like it is heroine. See how the plot thickens and this is just the beginning. Chloe and Michael both have something the other wants. Chloe wants to get healthy and for Devon to finally see her as more than his girlfriends nerdy sister. They decide to work together to accomplish their goals. I love how the story progressed and the characters continue to grow and develop. Most importantly I love the message of this story.

Chloe Bellamy deserves better. She deserves better than what I got. I had my doubts and fears about this one. Mainly because I loved Chloe so much I knew I would be more sensitive to her hardships, but in the end it was perfect! I have loved them, but Chloe made this story extra special.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 35 comments. Now, the once golden boy of Manhattan is working his ass off at Cedar Grove, Texas, to make enough money to pay for a shitty apartment and a shitty new life, hoping he will get to meet his real father.

Enter the Bellamy sister. One is every guy's wet dream and her name is Kristin, the other one is not exactly what fashion magazines would call beautifu 4,25 I Wanna Be Besties With Chloe Stars Michael never expected to lose in short time his best friend, the girl he was in love with and his family. One is every guy's wet dream and her name is Kristin, the other one is not exactly what fashion magazines would call beautiful and her name is Chloe. One of them is a bitch, the other one is one of the most interesting people one could ever meet. One of them is dating his half-brother, Devon, the other one has been in love with him since she was a kid.

So Michael makes Chloe a deal, he will help her get Devon from Kristin, but his reasons aren't exactly what he lets Chloe believe You know how sometimes you tell yourself, "Self, you will not like this character. He doesn't deserve it. That's what happened with Michael for me. Oh well, I'll just say it. He was a jerk and jerks are my thing! Chloe on the other hand was all kinds of awesome. I liked how she made fun of herself and how even though she felt the pressure of her weight she didn't let it drag her down. Did she have insecure moments? Yeap, and having that bitch Kristin for a sister didn't help at all.

But she always got over it and when the time came she had the motivation to change what she didn't like in herself. I also liked how kind she was and the fact that the author gave us examples of her kindness. How she would always talk to people that other people ignore, like old ladies or the odd guy at a bar, or how at holidays, she would bring home people who were lonely and sad.

And her quirky sense of humor helped a lot too. There were a couple things I didn't like about the book but for the love of me, I can't remember anything right now. LL's writing was as always great and spell-binding, the characters had depth and I had a couple of "I wanna cry for your trouble" moments. Generally another success for the author. I'm so glad I requested this book! I can't wait to see who the next character will be. It's because I have my ARC!!! View all 6 comments. Claire aka Beefcake is a 24 yr.

Six months ago he learned his whole life is a lie, and that his dad isn't really his dad at all. He leaves Manhattan and walks away without anything but his car. He thinks they can possibly lead him to his father. Michael is also trying to escape his memories of Olivia, the only girl he's truly ever wanted or loved. He's decided love isn't for him anymore, but he can still enjoy women, and his new brother's girlfriend Kristen Bellamy is just his type. It also doesn't hurt he can use her to get to his brother Devon.

While Michael is giving Kristen tennis lessons, her sister Chloe begins tagging along to watch. She's loud, and not little miss perfect like her sister. She speaks her mind, and is hilarious. Michael quickly realizes the way she looks longingly at his brother who is also her sister Kristen's boyfriend. I narrow my eyes at him, and he grins. You shouldn't forget it. At the same time, Michael is starting to realize he is attracted to the quirky, curvy, Chloe.

He starts to lose focus on their plan, and realizes he just may want Chloe for himself. And the way we kiss is familiar, too. Like we've done it a hundred times, as though we belong here. Belong to each other. He has fallen for her, but doesn't quite know what to do about it. We get some angst as these two try to deal with and admit their feelings for one another. I thought this was such a cute, sexy story.

I would highly recommend this one! As usual Lauren Layne writes books I just adore! View all 28 comments. Jan 20, Jeanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: So cute, my favorite of the series: This has been such a great series, and imo, each book has been better than the last. I love everything about Lauren Layne's writing! I wish there were more heroines like Chloe.

She was funny, real, and sarcastic. At the same time, she was so genuine and really cares about people.

Why Authors Are Important: Tom Wolfe On His Favorite Books, Writing, Art, Style (1996)

She was exactly what Micheal needed! I loved the friends to lovers slow build, it's my favorite kind of romance. I know this seems like a shallow thing to point out, but Loved this! I know this seems like a shallow thing to point out, but I also bond with Chloe over the hair struggle. I get teased about my messy bun or ponytail habits, but let me tell ya, you don't spend an hour with two straightening tools to go to the grocery store. I think I spend more money on my hair than books, and that's saying something, Lol. Sure, there were a couple of times I wanted to smack Michael, but overall, I ended up really liking him too.

I mostly appreciated the growth in his character as the book went along. I think it's kind of cool that in this book and well as the last one, she took a character I didn't think I could possibly like and changed my mind about them. In some ways this was more of a 4 star read, but because Chloe was such an unusually awesome heroine and I think L.

L's storybook theme is clever, I rounded to 5. I highly recommend any of her books, she is truly one of my favorite authors, I've never been disappointed! View all 21 comments. Great characters, fun banter, no insta love. The main characters frustrated me a little but it was tolerable. A sweet romantic quick read. View all 26 comments. I know I have said this many times I just adore this author! Lauren Layne has become my go to author when I need a fun, sweet, steamy with a bit of angst read.

Her books always leave me with a stupid grin on my face. Michael has become a bitter man. Piece by piece his life has fallen apart. He lost the only girl he has ever wanted and his best friend at his own doing. But that isn't the only thing that crushed him. When he learns of I know I have said this many times I just adore this author! But beneath all that goodness was a guy that could be a real arse. It was going to take a special woman to find the goodness in him that is buried. She was funny and sarcastic and oh so real. She saw herself in a simple light which made her beautiful on the inside and out.

But no matter how hard he tries to keep Chloe in a certain light she manages to get under his skin. Ruining their relationship is just a means to one end.

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It was a way to get to the one person that has brought him to Cedar Grove. So much changes for her and she becomes more confused when she begins to realize who she wants to give her heart to. How much damage will this cat and mouse game cost Michael and Chloe? Overall this one was an enjoyable read even with a bit of quirkiness at the end. The epilogue was sweet too! View all 38 comments.

Nov 23, Patrycja rated it really liked it Shelves: Lauren Layne Release Date: April 15, Rating: Lauren is one of my favorite authors and she also did not let down me this time. Super sweet, heart f Title: Super sweet, heart fluttering new adult book that made me want to hug my ereader to my chest… tightly.

This story focuses on Michael St. Claire and Chloe Bellamy. He lost everything he took for granted - Olivia, Ethan and his parents. That made him question his life and led him to Cedar Grove in Texas. Don't tell Kristin; she's sick of hearing it. It was hard not to. The main heroine is totally kick ass babe. I loved her from the moment she made her first appearance.

Chloe is one of those witty, strong and stubborn girls you want to be or want to make friends with. She made me smile. Michael is not so bad boyfriend material also. And I quickly found myself rooting for him. The banter as well as the sexual chemistry between Chloe and Michael made me giddy. Between Curvy Chloe and Stick, Bitchy Kristen and two boys there were a lot of drama and funny moments.

I had so much fun reading about those characters and the only reason why this book is not five stars for me is the ending. For me it was a little bit rushed. Besides that, I was smitten with this story. Lauren Layne done superb job with it and I can honestly recommend it to all of you. Click here for a link to purchase: Six months since I walked away from her. Since she walked away from me. But more than that It's been six months since I've bothered to care. Let me just come clean, as I do whenever I read one of this author's books-I am in love with this author.

She is my rainy day, bad mood, giggle-fest, any mood author. I did have things I do wish would have been different-just minor, baby things. But nothing deterred my mood once. There wasn't a moment I wasn't on cloud nine as I read this story and no page was turned without me being all fangirly. And proceed with caution. She plops down at one of the few vacant spots at the bar, and unlike the usual solo girls that daintily perch themselves on the stools, there's no glancing around to see who's noticed her arrival. No careful positioning to ensure her posture's just right to show off her best side.

It's so hard for me to say or admit to a favorite Lauren Layne series as a whole, but I am going to have to level with you guys-This is probably the series I get the most excited about. It's the series I go out of my way to stalk netgalley for and it's the series that I have fallen the most deeply in love with.

I just connected with it on a visceral level and it touched me so deeply. Each guy and each girl holds a special place in my heart for very different reasons, but it all comes down to this: Every single person in this series is a tortured soul Ethan, the guy who's girl cheated on him with his best friend. Stephanie, the girl who was ALSO cheated on and helped Ethan realize he didn't need to impress anyone but the girl he wants to spend his life with. The one who went to Maine to help atone for her sins with a scarred ex marine The asshole marine who didn't think anyone could love him because of his scars and surly, asshole attitude.

And then our dear, Michael. The one who technically lost two loves-his best friend and the girl who he had been in love with, secretly, for ten years. These are our three main characters that had problems throughout the series It's not what I mean to say. I don't know what I mean to say. I just can't stand the thought of this cheerful, good person going through what I went through. Instead of being offended, she laughs. I must say, I fell hard for Mr. Asshole With A Horrible 'Tude.

I didn't know how I'd feel about him, really, but the minute he opened his not-so-talkative mouth, I was smiling ear to ear and knew he'd be a tough one to crack. Just like I like 'em. He's had more problems than just cheating with his best friend's girl. When family is involved, it's even worse. So, to say he is tortured is mild. But then this totally snarky chick starts to call him out, pull him into an area of his life he's not accustomed to, and he starts to come out of his shell He lusts after the stick figures with perfect hair and toned bods, but he starts to connect with the sister of his client who is curvaceous, loud, and has untamed hair.

What starts out as an agreement to help her becomes an understanding, becomes a partnership, makes them become He can't believe, after months of seclusion and brooding, that his one true friend is this girl who won't ever shut up and who constantly gropes and teases him.

Well, would ya look at that? I didn't even try to cop a feel. Lauren Layne is officially a weekend-only author. Her books are too good to destroy during a work week and I really screwed up with this one. Every time I started to get truly immersed in my reading or get to a super juicy part, I would start to get dizzy because I was forcing myself to stay up late But that just proves my point on how good this was-I still got through it and loved every little bit That'll help distract me from the real reason I asked if he wanted to go to dinner.

Because he'd looked lonely. Or the real real reason. Because I'm lonely, too. Here's another reason I love the Redemption series: They all have grand gestures and she doesn't try to hide that every one of the stories ends with a grand gesture-she embraces it and literally says it multiple times in the story-it's brilliant!! She doesn't use the same theme in any of her other stories, at least not so openly, and I LOVE going big to get the girl.

I cannot believe LL kept up this theme from book one until this fantastic finale to wrap up all of these wonderful characters' lives. It was just all so perfect. I'd be too scared to eat snacks in there. I glance back and see a cooler and a paper bag with Lay's potato chips perched on top. I can just imagine what other junk-food monstrosities lay beneath. How do you feel about Broadway tunes?

At one point, it literally quotes: It made me goon like a loser to see that idea resurface and it brought back so many wonderful memories-I fell in love with book one the minute I started it. At least until Stephanie steps on a chip. She's really lovely," Paul says, stepping out of the way when Stephanie bats at his leg to get the rest of the crumbs. Is it weird that I not only got butterflies from the romance but also from this age-old, damaged bro-mance?? Odd of me, but true, nonetheless.

With Michael, it's a little bit different. He's a project invite, yes. But he's also the first of my projects that feels a little bit like Not that I'd ever tell him that. The guy's about 84 percent scowl, and I think words like friendship would up that percentage to something. I did want a little more from the ending-that's the only reason I took. I just wanted it to be a bigger deal than it was